Welcome to my Vault!

This is where I store most of my stuff, characters from games I’ve played beyond Obsidian Portal, ideas I’ve come up with that don’t have a home yet, hat sort of thing. It’s also where I experiment with the coding of putting together a wiki here on OP, since if I mess up here it won’t affect my update history on any formal campaign I put up. As I expand my network, this will become a hub that both leads to and from the other campaigns, worlds, etc. that I am involved with.

Like any archive, some of the content will be hidden from public view (a Restricted Section, if you will). Those would be any current or active builds which I wouldn’t want people to potentially find, mostly current players in any game I may be GMing.

Aside from the restricted content, if anybody wants to use something I have floating around in here, drop me message and I’ll let you know if it’s alright. I like to be credited for my work where and when possible!


The Vault