[FAE] Sin Acra

Human Cleric sworn into the service of Actur.


3 3
1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical 0 0 0
Mana 0 0 0

HIGH CONCEPT: Mage-Born White Priest of Actur.
TROUBLE: “I can’t fully suppress the illegal Black Magic inside me.”
ASPECT: “The Actur Church commands my fealty and service.”
ASPECT: “My conditioning has made me disciplined and effective.”
ASPECT: “The Faith of Actur is the only life I have ever known.”

0 STUNT: Reserve Magical Energies: Because Sin has Black Magic (even if he doesn’t know how to fully harness it) in addition to White Magic, once per session Sin can tap into that untapped power to reset his Mana Stress to zero.
0 STUNT: I see what you did there…: Sin gains a +2 when Cleverly Creating an Advantage by discovering an opponent’s weakness OR pressing a conversation point to Sin’s advantage.
0 STUNT: Conditioned for Success: Sin gains a +2 to Carefully Overcome situations involving knowledge of the Faith of Actur or White Magic.

MILD (2):

Acturian Robes A set of white cloth robes trimmed in red, the colors of Actur. Sin’s robes have been modified to allow for more free movement than the traditional full-enclosure robes, and he has added a set of white gloves to convince people he is not spreading sin onto everything he touches with his bare skin.
Simple Rapier Though the Church of Actur frowns upon violence, it recognizes that its members may have need to defend themselves. As such, many of its adherents are instructed in the use of select weaponry, such as the rapier. Sin found weapons training to be one of the few happier moments of his life within the Church, and is quite proficient in the use of his blade.
Actur’s Beads and Jewel This rosary is kept in one of Sin’s pockets whenever possible, and he only wears when in the presence of a high-ranking member of the Church or when he must attend ceremony. It is comprised of a string of wooden beads in a repeating 3-White-1-Red pattern culminating in a pendant bearing an Actur’s Jewel.

Sin Acra is a contemplative, studious priest. He was inducted into the clergy at birth by order of his father, the High Priest of Actur. Ordinarily, a child like him would have been put to death; Sin is a mage-born, a child with an innate connection to Black Magic.

In the lands of Actur, Arcane/Black Magic is forbidden to practice, and those with it in their blood naturally are considered living embodiments of sin, hence the name. Few suspected of being Black Mages are even given a trial; they are more often hunted and slain than exiled.

Being the son of the High Priest carries some privileges, though, and so the child was immediately given to the church where he was trained in the use of Holy power as all priests are (Holy/White Magic supposedly comes from faith rather than blood). Because of his Black powers, Sin underwent rigorous “conditioning” for years until he could be trusted to not accidentally set something on fire or freeze anything he touched. It worked well, for the most part.

Throughout his childhood, he was educated in the ways of Actur and the powerful White Magics that could be worked in Actur’s name, magics which could be used to help the people of the Empire. He underwent weapons training and practiced forms since the age of 12, telling his mentors that he “felt peace of mind when practicing”. Additionally, Sin spent as many free hours not spent in “conditioning” or when weapons training was unavailable in the church library studying books, maps, history, and so forth. While he was not often allowed into the public eye, Sin’s favorite activities were speaking to passing pilgrims and occasionally attending ceremonies and festivals, as they were his only opportunity to experience the outside world beyond his studies.

[FAE] Sin Acra

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