Research (Skill)

I found this skill awhile back, but couldn’t find who made it. If anyone knows, please direct me to their posting so I may credit them!

RESEARCH (Intelligence)
Used in gathering information from written or other non- verbal information sources. Research allows you to navigate a library, scholar’s notes or other archive of information with productive results. It does not include talking to people which is handled by Gather Information or role-playing encounters.

Check: Research takes time, skill and luck. GMs determine the obscurity of a given topic (determining the research DC) and what kind of information is available depending upon where you are conducting your research. Restricted/protected information is only accessible if the character has access to an appropriate information source. The higher the check result the better and more complete the information is that the character receives.

Retry: Yes
Special: Characters may take a 10 or 20 on research checks.
Time: A research check takes 1d4 hours.

Research (Skill)

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