Kradan Acra


High Concept: Battle Priest of the Dawn
Trouble: My Soul Burns with an Awesome Power
Your Adventure: I Must Do What I Believe Is Right
Crossing Paths: Meditation Helps Everything
Crossing Paths Again: General of Ansheris

Great (4): Fight
Good (
3): Physique, Will
Fair (2): Athletics, Notice, Provoke
Average (
1): Empathy, Lore, Contacts, Deceive

Killing Stroke: Once per scene, when you force an opponent to take a consequence, you can spend a fate point to increase the consequence’s severity (so mild becomes moderate, moderate becomes severe). If your opponent was already going to take a severe consequence, he must either take a severe consequence and a second consequence or be taken out.

Danger Sense: You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm you.

Tough as Nails: Once per session, at the cost of a fate point, you can reduce the severity of a moderate consequence that’s physical in nature to a mild consequence (if your mild consequence slot is free), or erase a mild consequence altogether.


Kradan Acra

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